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Core Team

Madison Womack is the Founder and CEO of Barrier Babes, and is based out of Kansas City, Missouri. She grew up in St. Louis, where she learned of her passion for healthcare and equality within it. After finishing high school, she headed for the Sunflower State. Four years later, she received her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Kansas, with a degree in Community Health and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her favorite course, Human Sexuality, became a personal guide for her work to come. Post-graduation, she reflected on her own abstinence-only sex ed from middle and high school, which was full of misinformation and scare tactics. After exploring a few nonprofit organizations in the Kansas City Area, Madison found a lack of comprehensive education, specifically when it came to sexual health. Today, through an intersectional lens, Madison strives to find spaces to not only include education, but to require it. She hopes to change the language around sexual health education for the better. 


Madison Womack


Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Katie Harbinson is the COO of Barrier Babes and is based out of Overland Park, Kansas. She grew up near Minneapolis in a sex-positive home, in direct contrast with her abstinence-based sex education in school. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri with degrees in English and Political Science, where she learned the importance of viewing the world through an intersectional lens. While at Mizzou, Katie served as an IPV student educator and staff member at the Women’s Center. These experiences shaped her approach to peer education, community organizing, and equitable access to safer sex supplies. In working with Barrier Babes, she hopes to accomplish her goal of seeing safer sex supplies in all community spaces throughout the Kansas City area.

Katie harbinson


Chief Operating Officer


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