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Barrier Babes:

Our Story

So here's the deal. We're really big fans of sex. 

Sex education to be exact. 

We’re Maddie and Katie, the faces behind Barrier Babes. Barrier Babes is an organization passionate about bringing unapologetic, inclusive, and comprehensive sex education across the midwest. You might have seen us at Kansas City abortion rallies or Women’s Marches. You might’ve even seen our condoms at venues around town. In our spare time, we enjoy drinking iced coffee and running across the Kansas City metro area to distribute free condoms. Simply put, we try to make risky behavior less risky.

Barrier Babes is centered around inclusive and culturally competent sexual education and increasing access to safer sex supplies in the Kansas City, MO area with the goal of increasing inclusive sex education in our region, decreasing STI rates and unwanted pregnancies, and directly providing individuals with crucial safer sex supplies.  Most importantly, we seek to achieve our goal through collaboration with other organizations to meet our community where they are at.  These partners serve students, low-income individuals, the LGBTQIA+ community, and unhoused people.

We donate necessary sexual health products to organizations and people who need them. 

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Our condoms that we donate are packaged in cardstock that features information on consent.

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