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Roo: Everyone's New Favorite Sex Bot

Planned Parenthood has been the leading non-profit organization in healthcare ever since the pill was born. Their new automated response chat features a bot named "Roo."

The bot is cuter than hell, and we rate it an "E" for everyone. The elementary responses are so simple and make the experience super educational. You activate the service through a link on your phone, found on PP's website.

When you first meet Roo, the bot does a small tutorial and even gives example questions such as "What happens during puberty?" and "How do I get over a crush?" Roo even asks for the responder's gender, in order to answer the questions more specifically. The bot also ensures confidentiality, which is a relief to those who are embarrassed to ask these questions in real life.

We went ahead and tested out some questions to see how Roo would react. Although the questions have to be very simple for Roo to answer, there was a list of popular questions, and we picked a couple from the bunch. My personal favorite was the following conversation:

Now that's what I like to see! Honestly, this question hit home with middle school me, because there was this unspoken rule of what sex was. But did that include oral sex? Fingering? Where did the gray area end? Roo made it clear that sex can mean different things, but it is entirely up to you.

The bot is putting the responder in control of their feelings and actions, and that is so empowering, yet so simple. Roo radiated sex positivity in every question we asked, and we're here for it.

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